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This site Complex is built for 1366 x 768
The Standard I normally build at is 1920 x 1080
So needless to say I've spent a lot of time building for you;
those that use the Laptop, iPad and devices of such resolution.

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The next Page is a "Front Loader"

It's where I start when I'm working the Site
Makes it easier for me to get around the pages.

A CyberSpace Outpost to Post
The fruits of the Harvest
A SCN Fodder Feeder.

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Understand everything is in development
Pages of Adventure, Ideas, Studies & Wonder




You have arrived at the Concept Site; CyberSpace Prime

This is NOT a public assess Site
so if you are Here, it should have been by invite.

... ... well, let's see where it goes

Many of the links found on the next page are hidden.
Some of them lead to places of splendor & wonder;

... and so-it-is that this is and has been a
CyberSpace Concept of 25 years:
Under development for 5 years;
a Prototype Bible Study
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how about a Bible Study with a Train ride!

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