-- a phrase came to mind
I believe it was from my Father, YHVH. The phrase was/is actually more of a system, MDS Message Delivery System. I believe this html site may be an incarnation of that idea.

Years of website construction, a passion for CAD dating back to the mid 80s which has evolved into artistic computer graphics design. Now pair that with freelance html development and here we are.

Before we enter into and experience the S.E.C.
Stellar Embed Cruiser you will want to become familiar with it's navigation controls, buttons and switches. This opening overlay outlines a few of those navigation controls of this html construct.

With this site we are incorporating YouTube's embedding feature for most of the videos on the site. There are however some of our own custom built animation videos as well.

When you are ready click the "reset system" button at top to begin your journey of this site, which include Music Videos, STTOS shows and some of the best Bible Studies there is out there for this, the last generation of the age.
Learn the Truth - What was the katabole - In the Garden - Who are the kenites - What is the Key of David - Rapture.- true Antichrist.
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Keep in mind that this site
is evolving and well under
& development

 This site is viewed best and
 correctly at 1920x1080 and
 boarderless full screen (F11)

 This site is viewed best and
 correctly at 1920x1080 and
 boarderless full screen (F11)